Template and setting downloads required to build and submit Money Mailer artwork.

Standard Templates

These InDesign templates are for creating artwork for Money Mailer non-bleed insert and envelope products.

Please note that all standard templates document setup sizes are larger than the final printed size. Ads will be reduced when printed to match the finished sizes shown below.

Product Name Finished Size Product Codes
Display 7.125" x 4.5" D1, D3 Download
Flyer 7.125" x 9" F1, F3 Download
Envelope Back 8.125" x 5" EM Download
Envelope Badge 2.75" x 1.25" N/A Download
Mall Mailing 8.125" x 5" EL Download
National Display 7.125" x 4.5" N1, N2 Download
National Flyer 7.125" x 9" N3, N4 Download

Full Bleed Templates

These InDesign templates are for creating artwork for Money Mailer full-bleed magazine, 12-page booklet, postcard, and 6x9 envelope products.

Product Name Finished Size Product Codes
Full Page 10.75" x 6.3125" 1P Download
Half Page 10.75" x 6.3125" HP Download
Front Cover 10.75" x 6.3125" 2F, 3F, FC Download
Back Cover 10.75" x 6.3125" 3B, BC Download
2-page Spread 21.5" x 6.3125" 2P Download
12-page Booklet 7.125" x 4.5" B2 Download
+ONE Postcard 8.375" x 5" P1 Download
DML Postcard 8.375" x 5" L1 Download
6x9 Envelope Back 6" x 9" EP Download
6x9 Envelope Front 6" x 9" EQ Download

PDF Export Settings

The "MM Standard" PDF Export Setting should be used for all traditional non-bleed products and the "MM Full Bleed" version is for magazine, booklet and postcard products. Installation instructions are included in a "Read_Me" file within the download.

Setting Name Description
MM Standard For traditional non-bleed products Download
MM Full Bleed For full bleed products Download
MM National For National products Download

Other Downloads

Download Name Description
Flexo Curves Preset Simulates flexo printing in Photoshop Download